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Red Browser

An open-source, privacy based web browser for iPhone and iPad

This product use the Tor anononymity distributed network and is produced independently from the Tor(r) anonymity software and carries no guarantee from The Tor Project about quality, suitability or anything else.

Help & Support

How do I stream live TV over Tor?

Detailed instruction on how to modify your Tor Config file here Updating your torrc. You can contact us directly and we will try to help you if you have questions or issues.

How do I clear out the recent tab and search history?

In your device (Settings→Red Browser→Full Reset→On), this will clear out everything. Cookies are wiped out automatically.

Can I download files audio, video, pdf etc.?

Yes. Long press the link you want to download and choose the Force Download option from the popup. Downloads will usually take a bit longer to start and complete because of the general nature of anonymous networks.

The browser is stuck

Try force-quitting the app and opening it again.

I'm unable to access any websites

Try force-quitting the app and opening it again.

(Incase your network provider is blocking Tor connectionss you may have to use the advanced settings to use Tor "bridge": {# visit and see the "Using Tor Bridges" section.)

Send an email to with no subject and the in the body type in the following: get bridges

You are required by Tor to do this using your Gmail account
You will get a list of IP Address that look something like the list below:
Here are your bridge relays:

iPhone: Tap little "list" button > Tor Bridges > Add a bridge

iPad: Tap little "list" button > Browser Settings > last option "Bridge" > Add a bridge

How do I access the dark net and other hidden service?

Searching the internet via DuckDuckGo or checking Wikipedia is good start.

I'm having trouble accessing hidden sites.

Try connecting to hidden service for the Tor Project website. If that works then the browser is functioning correctly. Maybe the site you are trying to access is not operational. Try verifying the site from your computer based Tor browser.

I hate the app. Can I get a refund?

Your satisfaction with app is extremely important. You can contact us directly and we will try to help you and identify a bug that we can fix in the next update. For the sake of your privacy and security Apple does not share purchase details with indvidual developers. Hence you would have to contact them directly.

Go to and click "Contact iTunes Store support". In most case Apple will issue you a refund via you contact within a month of the purcahse.